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Why Use a Banner Exchange

Go to the Banner4 Banner Exchange           Sales Information         Frequently Asked Questions         About the Banner Exchange          Contact Us at is the Premier Banner Exchange Service that automatically trades banner ad space on your website with banner ads from other websites.  Online advertising is a great way to bring new visitors to your website. Our internet advertising rates are as low as  $1.00,  providing you with the fantastic opportunity to drive more traffic to your site without spending a lot of money.  A generous 3 for 4 exchange ratio  provides you with the ability to advertise your business on the internet for FREE.  By displaying other member's banners on your website, you earn free credits toward your own banner displays on sites of the other members of the network. Our server handles everything for you, including real time statistics.  We provide detailed traffic and banner statistics to enable you to monitor how many times your banner has been displayed, how many impressions you have displayed and how many impressions you still have in your account.

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