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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is a Banner Exchange?
  2. What do I need to join?
  3. What is a Banner?
  4. What is a URL?
  5. Do I have to display banners on my site?

  6. What if I do not have a Web site?

  7. What types of sites are accepted?

  8. Can I just purchase displays of my banner?
  9. How much does displaying my banner cost?
10. I am already a member of another banner exchange, Can I still join?

 What is a banner exchange?

A banner exchange is a group of web sites that exchange advertising with each other.  Each web site has an banner advertisement that displays other web sites' banners. By displaying ads on their web site, banner exchange members generate free advertising and site-linking for their own banners.  Our members earn 3 displays of their banner for every 4 banners they display.  At the bottom of this page you will see an example of a  468x60 pixel banner.
We are the 'middle man' in the process, delivering and rotating banners on your web site with each request.  When a banner is clicked on, we process the click-thru, and direct the individual to the respective member web site.  Using a banner exchange is a great way to gain exposure for your web site.  Your advertising is spread across an array of web sites, maximizing visibility.

 What do I need to join?
A 468x60 pixel GIF image (your advertising banner) and ideally but not necessarily ( see question 6 ) , a web page. We will use your banner to advertise your business or your web site. After joining, you will be provided with a HTML code to insert into your web page. This HTML code will automatically display an exchange banner in your web page, and in return you will generate advertising credits for your banner.

 What is a Banner?
A banner is a 468x60 pixel GIF image (like the one at the bottom of this page).  If you do not have a banner, we can create one for you.   Your banner will be advertised on our network along with a pool of banners from other business.

 What is a URL?
A URL is an address (like a mailing address) that directs a browser to your web page. is a URL. If you have a web page, view it using your browser, and copy the "Address" box information.

 Do I have to display banners on my site?
No, you do not have to display any banners on your site.  However, you will not receive the free banner displays that would be generated by your displaying banners on your site.

 What if I do not have a Web site?
If you do not have a Web site, we can create a banner for you containing your phone number and/or your address.  We also offer the option of creating a Splash Screen for you that says everything about your business and how to get in contact with you.  See our Sales department for more information.

 What types of sites are accepted?
Sites intended for the general audience are accepted. This banner exchange does not accept adult or offensive content sites. Advertising banners and websites may not contain nudity, violence, vulgar language, or links to adult sites. In addition, advertising banners cannot imply a link to an adult content site (using adult related banners to draw the public to your non-adult website).   Banner4 Management reserves the right to disallow any banners or businesses.

 Can I just purchase displays of my banner?
Yes.  You can purchase displays of your banner from our Sales Department or you can use PAYPAL and send payment to:   Please include your  Banner4 Membership Username so we can verify that the appropriate account is credited.

 How much does displaying my banner cost?
If you already have a web site and banner, you can begin with no cost at all! Thats right! Nothing! We do not charge any set up fees, so as soon as you start displaying banners on your site, you will generate FREE Banner impressions for your site. If you choose to purchase some banner impressions, we have several different plans, starting at $1.00 !!!  Thats right $1.00 !!!  That will buy you  5000 displays of your banner.  This is an amazing $ 0.0002  per display!!!  Larger plans at significant discounts are also available.  See our  Sales Information Page  for prices. 

 I am already a member of another banner exchange, Can I still join?
Yes!  You can place our banner exchange banners on your web pages that already have other exchange banners. However, you can only display 1 of our banner exchange banners per web page. -- Banner Exchange

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